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Is your pet shy or too sick to take out of the house? Does sitting in a crowded veterinarian office trying to get your pet to behave when they aren’t well a challenge? Do you want to keep from exposing your pet to other sick animals? Thankfully, there is a solution. At VetSpotting we provide a way for you to get in touch with caring veterinarians that make house calls. Try our Pet Guardians Process to request a house call in Chicago. The process is very simple and can help you keep your pet healthy and happy all from the comfort of your home. Once you make a house call, the call will go to vets in the service area. Just provide basic information about your sick pet such as your home location and name, then request a house call. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

You Have Great Options

When it comes to receiving house calls, you have options. Chances are, you may even receive more than one response from vets that are interested. Every response includes a possible time and date for the house call, and sometimes a second option. Feel free to pick any of the options proposed. You have thirty minutes to choose an option from the time you receive the first proposal, if you do not choose any options in that amount of time the request is canceled. A pre-authorized payment will be requested, which is actually only a hold. The true payment only goes through once the house call is completed. We offer many payment options including credit card and PayPal, which is facilitated via Braintree. The vet may call and speak to you, so please return the call if you miss it. If circumstances change, contact the vet to schedule a different time. Your pet will receive the care he or she needs from vets that are experienced in offering in-home care including for emergencies. Your signature completes the vet visit and you will receive documentation that outlines the vet care including exam findings as well as plans for future pet care. The receipt finalizes the visit and triggers the payment for the vet visit.

The VetSpotting Process:

  • Start the App
  • Enter Name & Address
  • Click on Request a House Call
  • Select from the List of Veterinarians Available
  • Receive Great Pet Care at Home

User Manual

Step 1: Request a house call

  • Your house call will go out to our veterinarians in their service area. At this time, we currently serve the Downtown/Loop/West Loop and Northside areas of Chicago as well as Chicago’s northern suburbs and Lake County.
  • Provide basic information about the pet and the house call location, then press Request House Call.

Step 2: Receive house call options

  • You may receive one or more responses from interested veterinarians. Each response will include at least one possible date and time for the house call, and possibly a second option. Both options will be within six days of the request.
  • You may pick any of the proposed options (but a maximum of one). You may also elect to pick none of the options on offer for any reason and seek care elsewhere.
  • If you do not pick any option within 30 minutes of the first veterinarian proposal, the request will be canceled so as to free up our veterinarians’ time.

Step 3: Confirm a house call

  • To confirm a house call, pick one of the dates and times on offer.
  • You will then be asked to pre-authorize payment. The pre-authorization is only a hold; the actual payment will only be made when the house call is completed. The pre-authorization provides assurance to our veterinarian that the house call is valid.
  • Payment can be made using PayPal or a credit card and is facilitated by Braintree, a PayPal company.Note: VetSpotting does not see your payment information and your payment means are not read by or stored on any VetSpotting server. Braintree manages the entire process.

Step 4: Receive care

  • The veterinarian will visit at the agreed date and time. The visit may be preceded by a call to you from the veterinarian. This is an important part of the process, please return the call before the visit if you are unable to speak when the veterinarian calls.
  • Should circumstances change, you may contact the veterinarian to arrange a different time. While our veterinarians are experienced at providing in-home care, emergencies can happen, and the veterinarian may also contact you to modify arrangements.
  • If you feel that such modifications are not satisfactory, contact VetSpotting at info@vetspotting.com. or at 312 625 2696.
  • Upon completion of the visit, you will be asked to sign the veterinarian’s screen to acknowledge the visit. You will then receive a care form documenting the veterinarian’s exam findings and plans for your pet. Your receipt of this form will also trigger the payment for the visit.

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