Thank you for using VetSpotting. If you are not entirely satisfied with our service, we are here to help.


You may cancel any house call request before payment is pre-authorized. For example, if you change your mind after issuing a request for any reason, or if none of the dates and times for a house call that are proposed to you are acceptable, you will not incur any cost.

Once you book a house call and pre-authorize payment, you may not cancel the house call in the app. You may contact your veterinarian to request a change in the time and location of the house call.


We do not offer refunds for services already provided and approved by you through the app. However, if your veterinarian does not arrive at your location to deliver service, no payment will be made and the pre-authorization will be canceled. If you feel payment was made in error or if you are otherwise not satisfied with our service, please contact VetSpotting directly using any of the contact information on our Contact Us page.